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If you still struggling to get traffic you need, the BUZZ is another great tool that you can implement in your traffic marketing strategy. 

With one click you can send post to 9 different traffic sources, and we are talking Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, VK, Tumblr, Reddit and Telegram.

And YES you can send to Instagram from this amazing app. I have anothers applications trying to post directly amd automatically but not to Instagram. So finally we have it here.

Here’s Are Some Key Benefits You May Be Interested In Getting: 

  • No actual work – you make other people do all the work for you
  • New, UNIQUE software and training
  • 100% newbie friendly, yet equally powerful for advanced marketers
  • PROVEN profitable over and over
  • Works in any niche
  • Works RIGHT NOW
  • All the traffic is built in

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Your will get fully Automatic Content Creation for your social networks, Keeping their handles and Fan Pages alive and interesting is very important to attract real fans.

Once your activate this feature, it will do all the heavy lifting work!

Within seconds you’ll have fresh and relevant content that you can post to your blog or social media account.

Buzz Features:

Visual Post Planner:  Intuitive and easy to use, you can start scheduling posts to all your social networks in minutes

In Progress Post Viewer:  Make use of the In progress viewer to check in on all scheduled and already published posts

Schedule & Auto Publish: Auto Publish all your scheduled posts without having to manually approve. No notifications required!

Unlimited social accounts Automation and many more…:

  • Instagram Scheduling & Automation
  • YouTube Scheduling & Automation
  • LinkedIn Scheduling & Automation
  • Twitter Scheduling & Automation
  • Google Business Scheduling & Automation
  • Tumblr Scheduling & Automation
  • Pinterest Scheduling & Automation
  • Telegram Scheduling & Automation
  • Facebook Scheduling & Automation (Coming soon – Pending API approval)
  • Google Drive File Import
  • Dropbox File Import
  • Dynamic File manager
  • Caption manager
  • Segment Accounts for Teams
  • Watermark Support
  • Graphics editor
  • Content generator
  • Analyze your Instagram engagement rate
  • See insights on how your profile has grown and changed over time
  • Compare new Followers and Following
  • Average Engagement Rate + Future Projections
  • Top hashtags from the last 10 posts
  • Export data into a PDF for you or your client(s)