Without the Facebook business manager in 2021, we wouldn’t have been able to produce amazing results for our clients such as:

hundreds of thousands of website clicks,

thousands of event registrations and leads, and

2-thousands-of-event-reg Facebook Business Manager in 2021

and hundreds of thousands of sales- over half a million!

3-hundreds-of-thousands-of-sales Facebook Business Manager in 2021

That’s because the Facebook business manager gives you some powerful tools that can astronomically help you with your Facebook marketing strategy.

So in this post, we’re going to show you some real client examples and how we’re using features from Facebook to achieve some pretty amazing results.

Now there has been a lot of new updates on Facebook business manager in 2021, so we’re going to break down every feature you need to know about.

So let’s start by explaining what Facebook business manager is.

A Facebook business manager is like your hub or host. It’s a place where all your Facebook digital assets live.

With everything being found in your business manager, you can easily access your assets whenever you need them.

You can also assign permissions to specific people or to a social media marketing agency like LYFE Marketing.

Now a lot of times people confuse Facebook business manager with a Facebook business page.

These are two completely separate digital assets.

And what’s a digital asset you may ask?

A digital asset is basically something that you own in a digital form.

Now a Facebook business page is like your website. It’s like the public face of your business on Facebook.

So a Facebook business manager can sort of host a Facebook business page.

facebook-business-manager-ss1 Facebook Business Manager in 2021

But a Facebook business page cannot host a Facebook business manager.

facebook-business-manager-ss2 Facebook Business Manager in 2021

Some people also confuse a Facebook business manager with a Facebook ad account

But the same thing here – the Facebook business manager can host/own a Facebook ad account. For instance, like this:

facebook-business-manager-ss3 Facebook Business Manager in 2021

…but NOT the other way around.

facebook-business-manager-ss4 Facebook Business Manager in 2021

Hopefully, that gives you a little insight into Facebook business manager vs a Facebook business page.

So far, you just need to know that a Facebook business manager can be like your hub or host where all your Facebook assets live.

Here’s a graphic that pretty much sums it up.

facebook-business-manager-ss5 Facebook Business Manager in 2021

14 Digital Assets Of Facebook Business Manager

  1. Facebook Business Page
  2. Facebook Ad Account
  3. Your Team/Users
  4. Facebook Apps
  5. Instagram Accounts
  6. Commerce Accounts
  7. WhatsApp Accounts
  8. Facebook Pixels
  9. Custom Conversions
  10. Offline Conversions
  11. Catalogs
  12. Shared Audiences
  13. Business Asset Groups
  14. Lines of Business

Now, let’s go ahead and start diving into all of these assets that a Facebook business manager can house.

We will also share how some of our clients are using these assets.

1. Facebook Business Page

Now we just talked about this and how it differs from Facebook business manager.

But, if you want to know more about its amazing features, then be sure to read our post about the Facebook business page right after this.

2. Facebook Ad Account

A Facebook ad account gives you the ability to run sponsored ads on Facebook.

sponsored-restaurant-facebook-ad Facebook Business Manager in 2021

Now with a Facebook business manager, you can create new Facebook ad accounts.

This is great, especially if you have multiple locations or websites that you want to advertise separately.

One important thing to keep in mind is that once you create an ad account in business manager, you cannot transfer ownership later.

The business manager that creates the Facebook ad account will own that ad account forever.

We think this is because they want to make sure one company takes responsibility for the billing of ads.

Also, note that it is not required that you have a Facebook business manager to start a Facebook ad account or page.

There are so many reasons why you would want to advertise on Facebook. So here’s our post that tackles Facebook Advertising in 2021 if you want to learn more.

3. Your Team/Users

Often times when you really get serious about your Facebook marketing, then you will start working with a team.

One day, you may decide to hire someone internally or work with an agency like us.

When that time comes, you’ll want to make sure certain people have permission to certain assets.

For example, you may want someone who is managing your Facebook or Instagram store to have access to your product catalogs.

Whereas, you may want someone who is creating new posts to have access to your ads.

Thankfully, Facebook business manager makes this process super easy by quickly allowing you to select which people or partners you want to give specific access to.

4. Facebook Apps

Inside of business manager, you can add, review and assign your Facebook apps.

Facebook apps allow fans to interact with your business more usually without leaving Facebook, which is great for conversion rates.

So if you have a custom app and you want to give someone permissions to it…

Or if you just want to give permissions to a 3rd party app you’re using, it’s all possible within the business manager.

5. Instagram Accounts

In case you don’t know, Facebook owns Instagram. And lately, the two platforms have been integrating a lot with one another.

4-facebook-owns-instagram Facebook Business Manager in 2021

You can share posts, stories and even do advertising from Facebook to Instagram.

Recently, Facebook added Instagram accounts to the business manager so that you can assign them to the people who you want to have access to it.

This allows your users to create posts, stories, advertisements, or manage your shop on your behalf.

6. Commerce Accounts

So your commerce account is essentially your Facebook or Instagram shop.

Within commerce manager, you can manage your shop, catalog, and even run some ads.

7. WhatsApp Account

As of 2021, you can now connect your WhatsApp business account to your Facebook business manager.

WhatsApp is very similar to Facebook Messenger, but with a phone number attached to it instead of a profile.

So if you have WhatsApp that is set up for business, then you can now manage some of those aspects from the business manager.

Next, we’ll move on to the Data Sources available which are immensely powerful.

Now each of these data sources can be accessed or created within Facebook business manager.

This gives you the ability to share with other people or even assets.

8. Facebook Pixels

Facebook pixels are a small tracking code that you could place on your website.

Once the pixel is installed, you can track website visitors by pages and even edit the code to track conversions.

This opens up a world of new opportunities to create custom audiences, so you can run powerful campaigns like retargeting.

9. Custom Conversions

Once you have pixels installed, you can create custom conversions, which are basically URLs where you can track where someone has visited.

For example – you can do yourwebsite.com/cart as a custom conversion for Add to Cart.

Or yourwebsite.com/thankyou as a custom purchase conversion.

When you have pixels and custom conversions established, you can easily tell what is working and laser target audiences.

10. Offline Conversions

Offline conversions are just that – conversions that happen offline.

So if someone was to enter your place of business and buy something in the store, that would be a conversion that happens offline.

If you’re able to collect some information from that customer like an email address, do so.

Then you can upload that data into Facebook to see how many customers actually saw your Facebook ad campaign, which you could then assume attributed to the sale.

Offline-Conversions Facebook Business Manager in 2021

This can all be done within the Facebook business manager.

11. Catalogs

If you have an online product and want to sell it through Facebook or Instagram, you’re going to need a product catalog.

This is basically your list and inventory of products.

This also can be set up and managed from the Facebook business manager.

Create-a-product-catalog Facebook Business Manager in 2021

12. Shared Audiences

This is an advanced feature, but here’s what you need to know.

You can create new audiences with the data sources we just mentioned, so you can make an audience of your website visitors, Facebook fans, and more.

With shared audiences, you can give access to data from one ad account to another.

For example, if you have two Facebook pages and want to target the fans of both of them in one advertising account or campaign.

Then you would share the Facebook fan audience with that ad account.

So basically you can COMBINE or SHARE any audience you want. And Facebook business manager helps keep a record of that.

Now that is a pretty comprehensive list of all the features, but don’t get overwhelmed.

The truth is, you don’t need to use them all.

In fact, the majority of our clients derived most of the benefits from only about 6 key features. This usually looks something like this:

  • Facebook Page – which is basically a requirement if you’re going to do any kind of Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Ad Account – required for amplifying reach
  • Instagram Account – required if you want to advertise on Instagram
  • Commerce Account – required if you have a product or store that you want to sell directly on Facebook or Instagram
  • Pixels – required for tracking purposes
  • Users – nice to use for assigning permissions and access to any apps you need

And again, those are really the main ones you absolutely need to pay attention to.

However, if you do have a sizable company with lots of data and assets, then these next two features of business manager will surely stand out to you.

And this is because they help you stay organized.

13. Business Asset Groups

Business-Asset-Groups Facebook Business Manager in 2021

This feature allows you to take all the assets we went over and then combine them into a single group which you can give access to.

Here are some cases where you can use it:

  • If you have multiple different brands and websites.

You likely will have multiple pages, ad accounts, and other assets associated with those brands.