Today, we are talking all about the Facebook business page in 2021.

And we’re not just scratching the surface. We’re taking a deep dive.

We’re going to walk you through…

  • what they look like
  • why they’re important
  • how to navigate them
  • what you need to know about them as a business owner on Facebook
  • and how to set up a Facebook business page step by step

Ready? Let’s go ahead and jump in!

Why The Facebook Business Page Is Important

The first thing we’re going to do is talk about the overall purpose of a Facebook business page and then take a look at LYFE Marketing’s page as an example.

So what is a Facebook business page and what is the purpose of it?

Well, Facebook says this:

“Creating a Facebook page allows more than 2 billion people on Facebook to discover your business—think of your page as a digital storefront.”

You could say it’s like the Facebook version of your website.

When people want to…

  • figure out your store hours,
  • look at your products or services, or
  • just look at any recent updates from your business

…they can find all of that information in one spot on your Facebook business page.

So you may be asking, why wouldn’t people just go to your website for all of that?

3 Reasons Why People Check Your Facebook Business Page

For this question, we would say there are 3 main reasons.

1. Viewed as more up-to-date than your website

Because Facebook is a social media platform, your Facebook business page can be viewed as a “real-time” up-to-date source of information.

And this became especially true in 2020.

As an example, a lot of brick-and-mortar stores found that they were changing their store hours weekly.

Sometimes even daily, based on what their local mandates said versus how safe people felt, and etc.

For example, we saw some stores only allowing seniors and other at-risk demographics into their store during the morning, while the rest of their customers could come in at 12 noon and later.

facebook-business-page-ss2-1024x447 Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

publix-senior-hours Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

For changes like this that are temporary and sometimes change so frequently, people usually like to check your Facebook business page first.

Feathers-Edge Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

0-feathers-edge-hours-change Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

Hootsuite even said Facebook clicks on searches for local businesses increased 23% from February to May 2020.

facebook-business-page-ss3-1024x244 Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

But let’s look at another example that is not 2020-specific.

Sometimes, information changes often simply due to the nature of your business. Let’s look at this restaurant as an example.

They have live music regularly on their outdoor patio. On their Facebook page, people can look at their events tab to see upcoming events versus past events.

People can see which musicians are going to be playing at the restaurant and when so they can plan their visit accordingly.

1-mulehouse-events Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

While yes, you do want to keep your website as updated as possible, it’s just a good rule of thumb to also keep your Facebook business page updated with any relevant changes.

Aside from the fact that Facebook is one of the best social media platforms out there, it is also where people often check for updates first.

2. People are already on Facebook

Sprout Social said that 1.62 billion users visit Facebook daily.

facebook-business-page-ss4 Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

So we’re not talking about the total number of Facebook users that includes all of the inactive accounts, and etc.

That 1.62 billion number is referencing people who are actively on Facebook every single day.

And it’s a convenience factor for them.

It’s easier for Facebook users to check whatever questions they have about your business within Facebook.

That is compared to opening your website in another tab on desktop or leaving the app on their phone to open Safari or other browsers.

3. Exclusive Facebook content

If you’re performing your Facebook marketing strategy properly, there should be content that can be exclusively found on your Facebook page!

Now, we’re not talking about basic business information like product descriptions or your store address, etc.

All of your basic information should be available on both your website and your Facebook page.

What we’re talking about here are your social media posts.

If you’re utilizing social media effectively, then you’re publishing content to your Facebook page that does not appear on your website- and users want to see that!

It allows users to like, comment, and interact directly with you via your Facebook content.

This helps build brand awareness and trusting relationships among your followers which is the foundation for converting them into customers later on.

And we’re not just saying that either.

In fact, according to Hootsuite, 18.3% of U.S. adults made a purchase through Facebook in the last year.

facebook-business-page-ss5-1024x217 Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

Additionally, ⅔ of Facebook users specifically visit a local business page at least once a week.

facebook-business-page-ss6-1024x328 Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

Statistics like these show that people are looking at Facebook business pages and their content and they are purchasing as a result.

So those are the main reasons why users might check out your Facebook business page and why your Facebook page matters as a whole.

Steps On How To Set Up Your Own Facebook Business Page

Now, before we look at LYFE Marketing’s Facebook page, let us briefly show you how to set up your own Facebook business page.

If you don’t already have a personal, regular Facebook account set up, you’ll need to do that first.

Just go to, and follow the prompts to sign up for a new Facebook account.

2-signing-up-for-facebook Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

Now, this is where we see business owners who are new to Facebook get a little confused and/or worried about mixing up their personal Facebook profile with their business page but don’t worry!

The two remain separate to the public eye.

Facebook just wants to ensure you’re a real person creating a Facebook business page for a real business.

And that’s why you need to have a personal Facebook account to log into in order to create a Facebook business page.

But again, when people are looking at your Facebook business page, they won’t see all your personal information on the page.

Let’s now go to the steps on how to set-up your Facebook business page.

1. Log in to your personal account on Facebook. This is usually the page you will land on after you sign up or when you log in.

FB-newsfeed-ss1 Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

2. Click the plus (+) sign in the upper right-hand corner, and click Page.

3. From there, you will need to fill out your page name (we’d recommend your business name), the category or industry your business falls in, and a short description.

4. You can use the toggle on the right side to see how your page will look on desktop vs mobile with this information filled in.

5. From there, click “Create Page”, and it’s at that point that you can fill in your page with photos as well as more business information (like your hours of operation, etc).

3-creating-a-fb-page Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

Different Parts Of A Facebook Business Page

Let’s go ahead and take a look at LYFE Marketing’s Facebook page.

We’ll share with you the different parts of a Facebook business page and why they matter for your business.

  1. Call-to-action Buttons
  2. Profile Picture and Cover Photo
  3. Tabs
  4. About
  5. Manage Page Toolbar

This is what LYFE Marketing’s Facebook page looks like when viewed publicly.

LYFE-fb-page-public-ss2 Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

1. Call-to-action Buttons

One of the first things we see are several prompts to get in touch with us.

Our main call-to-action button here is to contact us, which we have linked to our contact us page on our website.

LYFE-mobile-fb-page-first-screen Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

When you click the three dots, you will see more options to contact us including to call us.

When you click “Call us”, it will literally prompt your phone to call LYFE Marketing’s number.

And when you click the Facebook Messenger symbol, it will prompt you to send a Facebook message to our page.

You can set up automated responses for this, or have a real person reply on your end as we do!

Whatever end goal you have for your customers…

  • be it to shop your products
  • call your store
  • get a quote for your services

…and etc., you want that call-to-action to be made clear among all of these opening buttons.

These are the options Facebook provides to choose from for your main call to action button.

4-fb-page-button-options Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

Now switching back over to Admin view, which you will have as the creator of the page, you see things on your page that the public will not see, such as all of the editing buttons.

If you ever get mixed up on who can see what, a good tip to keep in mind is that you can always click on the View As Visitor button to see what your page looks like to the public.

18-view-as-visitor Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

So going back to the action button, when you’re on your page, you can change your main call to action button.

You can do this by hovering your mouse over it, clicking “Edit”, then “Edit Button”, choosing the type of button you want, and entering in the link you want the button to send users to.

19-edit-button Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

2. Profile Picture and Cover Photo

Usually, businesses include their logo as their profile picture and something personal or unique to their business as the cover photo.

This can be a team photo, a picture of your store if it’s a brick-and-mortar, or the city your headquarters operates in.

For instance, our page has Atlanta as the cover photo.

facebook-business-page-ss7-926x1024 Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

So if you’d like to change your profile or cover photos, all you have to do is click on the camera and edit icons for either picture to change it out.

After clicking, it will prompt you to upload a new photo or choose from the pictures you’ve already posted on your Facebook page.

One thing to note is that your cover “photo” can also be a video!

It just has to be between 20 – 90 seconds long and at least 820 x 312 pixels to qualify as a cover video.

Facebook’s recommended size is 820 x 462 pixels.

6-profile-pic-and-cover-photo Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

3. Tabs

Here on our Facebook page, starting on the home screen, you can swipe to see our services tab, our photos, videos, posts, and lastly our community tab.

LYFE-fb-page-tabs-mobile Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

The biggest thing to note here is that some of these tabs are optional and customizable.

When you click “Edit Tabs”, you can see which tabs are available as options that you can choose to show or not show with the toggle buttons.

You can also choose the best template pack of tabs that best suits your business. Here’s a look at all of the options.

7-how-to-edit-service-tabs Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

4. About

This is what our About section looks like to the public.

8-view-as-visitor-about-section Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

You have your basic business information including:

  1. your location (or you can opt to not show your location),
  2. your business hours,
  3. website,
  4. phone number

…and more. The desktop version usually also shows how many people like your page and etc.

To edit your about section, look at your tabs and click the About tab, and from there you can see all the editing pencils that you can click on to change your information.

The information that Facebook automatically generates and cannot be changed will not have an editing pencil next to it.

9-how-to-edit-about-section Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

5. Manage Page Toolbar

There’s a lot on this page, but the tools we’re going to cover briefly in this post include:

  1. Manage Shop
  2. Inbox
  3. Business App Store
  4. Manage Jobs
  5. Insights
  6. Publishing Tools
  7. Settings

10-Manage-Page-sidebar Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

Two big ones we skipped over are Page Info and Ad Center.

We’re skipping over Page Info because we just showed how to edit all of your page info directly on the page.

And for Ad Center, here’s a post that tackles how to create a Facebook ad that you can read next.

a. Manage Shop

So starting with Manage Shop, this is an awesome tool for eCommerce stores.

You can click “Manage Shop” and follow the prompts to set up your products so that people can shop through them directly on your Facebook page.

You can choose whether you want people to check out on your website, on your Facebook page, or via Facebook messenger.

Once you set up your products, you can preview how the shop will look on your page before completing it.

11-Manage-Shop Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

Usually, you want your target audience to be able to check out in as few clicks as possible.

Giving them the option to purchase from you on social media with only a few clicks will usually help increase your conversion rate.

b. Inbox

In your Inbox, you can see and respond to all your comments and messages both on Facebook and your Instagram business account, if you have the two connected.

You can also set up auto-responses from here, and/or assign certain messages to certain people on your team.

Now keep in mind when we say “all of your comments and messages”, we mean the comments and messages your business page receives.

This will not include any comments or messages you receive personally.

12-inbox Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

c. Business App Store

This one allows you to connect tools you may already be using for your business to your Facebook page.

Facebook has the apps broken down into these categories:

  • appointments
  • reservations
  • eCommerce

So for example, if you already use Acuity as your appointment scheduling software, it would make sense to connect your Acuity account to your Facebook business page.

These apps just make your overall sales flow that much more efficient.

13-Business-App-Store Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

d. Manage Jobs Tool

This is helpful if you have vacant job positions you need to fill!

You can create a job posting right on your Facebook page by filling out the basic information Facebook asks for.

14-Manage-Jobs Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

e. Insights

This allows you to look at any insights regarding your Facebook business page.

You can look at insights from today, yesterday, the last 7 days, or the last 28 days.

Moreover, you can look at an overview of your page or see the insights for specific metrics like followers, ads, likes, reach, page views, and more.

In our how to conduct a social media audit post, we discussed how third-party analytics or scheduling software generally offers more insight, but usually at a cost.

These are the basic insights that Facebook provides you for free.

15-Insights Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

f. Publishing Tools

You can publish posts instantly here or schedule them to post later.

Again, if you’re not paying for a third-party scheduling software (or if you don’t have a digital marketing agency like LYFE Marketing to handle all of this for you), then Facebook provides you with a simple scheduling platform.

And because Facebook owns Instagram, you can schedule to both platforms from here if you have Instagram connected.

You just click “Create Post”, fill in the copy and photo or video you want.

And you can either click Publish or select the drop-down arrow and click Schedule to choose a future date for the post to publish.

16-Publishing-Tools Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

g. Settings

Now when we click Settings, we see additional routes to get to some of the same things we’ve already covered like Page Info, Templates, and Tabs.

So we’re just going to cover a few of the most important things to note on this page.

5-General-settings Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

Under the General tab, at the very top, we see Page Visibility. You can edit this to choose Page Published or Page Unpublished.

If you’re ready to share your business page with the world, you’ll want to make sure this says Published.

But, if you’re still working on it and are not quite ready for everybody to see it yet, you can toggle it to Unpublished.

The majority of the remaining settings on this page have to do with what you’ll allow on the page including if you allow people to message your page directly, tag you in photos, and so on.

Now if you need to add somebody as an:

  • Admin
  • Editor
  • Moderator
  • Advertiser
  • Analyst

…to your page, you can do so under the Page Roles tab.

20-Page-roles Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

You can toggle through each role to see what their permissions are, and then add the email address of the Facebook user you want to add.

Keep in mind that the email address will need to be the one they used to sign up for a Facebook account.

If you and the person are already “friends” on Facebook, you should also be able to just type in their name.

Now, we’ve mentioned a few times in this post that you can do XYZ “if your Instagram page is connected to your Facebook page.”

Here on the Instagram tab is where you can connect it. You’ll just need to enter your username and password for Instagram.

21-Instagram Facebook Business Page 2021: The ULTIMATE Guide

Final Takeaways

Now we know a lot of this post has gone over the technical aspects of setting up your Facebook business page and the working parts that comprise it, and that might seem overwhelming at times.

This is especially true for someone who is new to Facebook, but the biggest takeaways we have for you today are these two things:

Facebook marketing is doable.

Even if you’re not in a place to hire your own team or take advantage of a digital marketing agency like LYFE Marketing, you can and should start somewhere.