How to Create Facebook Events + 3 Tips to Promote Your Event

How to Create a Poll on Facebook to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Before starting your social media marketing campaign, you should know your target audience. Knowing your target audience’s likes and dislikes will help you create marketing materials that appeal to them and get them to take action. Think about who is your favorite customer – who spends the most money at your business? And who is most engaged with what you have to say? These are the questions you should answer before creating your social media marketing strategy. But how do you find out which audience members will be interested in your content?

Social media is an amazing tool to generate content in advance. People love free stuff, and by offering it, you will encourage interaction and pull leads down your sales funnel. You can also hold competitions on social media and encourage leads to ask questions. This will increase the amount of people who see your content and make them feel like a part of your community. Once you have their email addresses, you can create an opt-in form that allows them to enter their information.

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