We’re going to take a look at the top marketers from all over the world.

And then dig into their thought process on what it means to build a successful marketing strategy online.

But first, let us share with you an interesting clip.

Video credits: Stanford Graduate School of Business

We hope you enjoyed that quick clip from Chamath Palihapitiya because in this post we’re going to follow some of his advice.

Today, we’re going to share 5 clips from people who likely are in the top 1% when it comes to brand marketing.

After that, we’re going to break down some of their top advice when you want to brand your business.

Ready? Let’s get started!

5 Marketing Strategy Tips From The Top 1% Of Marketers

  1. Commitment by Grant Cardone
  2. Post Frequency by Gary Vee
  3. Value by Patrick Bet-David
  4. Product by Elon Musk
  5. Ad Spend by Grant Cardone

1. Commitment by Grant Cardone

Video credits: Grant Cardone

So one of the most important things that Grant touches on here is his early commitment to getting known.

Notice he didn’t say “I want,” because without awareness, then nothing happens.

And probably the two biggest mistakes that we see people making in their marketing are:

1. When you don’t have a long-term commitment to the business or marketing strategy.

Too many times, we’ve seen people give up if the marketing isn’t growing fast enough after 6 months or a year.

2. When you pay attention to the wrong digital marketing metrics.

You see, as most new companies start to generate a little bit of awareness, the next questions they start asking themselves are:

  • Where are my leads?
  • Where are my sales?

When actually, they still need more awareness first.

2. Post Frequency by Gary Vee

Video credits: GaryVee TV

Gary makes it pretty clear here that volume is a requirement if you are looking to have successful social media marketing.

And his opinion is if you’re not producing enough content, then you basically are going to lose the war against your competitors.

Also, in our experience from analyzing brands that have started from ZERO leverage, they all have a high post frequency.

And by zero leverage we mean, they are a new brand. So, they didn’t start out with a ton of money or have products in thousands of stores.

Some of the most popular brands that are growing today are from posting on…

  • TikTok,
  • Clubhouse, and
  • Reels

…very frequently sometimes multiple times a day.

So far, Grant says to make the commitment and Gary says post frequently. So we have:

Marketing Formula:

Commitment + Post Frequency

3. Value by Patrick Bet-David

Video credits: Valuetainment

Incredible storytelling from Patrick, right? Now let’s step outside of the story for a second and really think about our own behaviors.

When you’re posting on social media, or writing website pages, or blogs…

  • Are you publishing from a place of providing as much pure value as possible?
  • Or are you posting with the intent to sell something to someone?

People today can fish out a sale tactic from a mile away. We can almost instantly tell when someone is trying to get something from us.

So the best sales and marketing tactics today is to not sell at all, and instead, be 100% transparent and provide value.

We talk about this all the time on our blog, and it’s being reinforced here by Patrick.

So at this point, the equation we’re building is:

Marketing Formula:

Commitment + Post Frequency + Value

4. Product by Elon Musk

Video credits: Marques Brownlee

In the clip above, Elon is touching on some major points when it comes to marketing or even just building a business.

He very quickly touches on 3 important elements which are:

  1. product
  2. affordability
  3. scale

He talks about making a product that people don’t just like but absolutely love because that’s what gets people talking.

And too often in business, people settle or they say “that’s good enough” instead of pushing further.

For example, if you are making apparel, sure you may have a good t-shirt with a good design, and people like it.

But, if you can make a t-shirt that is super comfortable, lightweight, and can tell you how much body fat you have, then people would love that!

Next, he talks about affordability and scale.

See, Elon knows that his audience size is limited because he can only produce so many cars at higher price points.

But he recognizes that his current issue is not advertising, it’s product.

Our bet is that once Tesla does get their economies of scale, then we will start seeing more advertising from Tesla.

Based on the clips so far, the formula we have is:

Marketing Formula:

Commitment + Post Frequency + Value + Product

Now let’s round everything out by going back to Grant for our final clip.

5. Ad Spend by Grant Cardone

Video credits: Grant Cardone

What we love about this clip is how Grant goes from spending zero dollars in advertising to spending $1M a month.

Now we’re not recommending that anyone go splurge and start spending a lot of money on ads.

But the point is that everything we’ve talked about so far will be useless at worst and have a smaller impact at best without advertising.

It’s even useless when you’re riding a new wave on an upcoming platform like Tiktok or Clubhouse.

Because the truth is that other people are already getting attention on these social media networks.

So you have to figure out a way to break through the noise and digital media advertising can definitely help with that.

Also, notice in the clip that Grant isn’t just talking about investing in money, but also investing his time. He’s doing 7 videos a week.